You will need to register for our support site to download audio and scripts Professional phone greetings are a simple, cost effective way to professionalize your image. Our voice mail greetings are digitally recorded in our professional recording studio and can be emailed or postal mailed to you within 48 hours after your script has been approved.

With a proven record of success, our voice talents have recorded voice mail messages for hundreds of businesses! Check out our testimonials for professional phone greetings recorded by our in-house voice talents. From hard sell, soft sell, even funny script formats, our phone greeting talents can record anything!

In addition to our experience recording phone greetings for some of the largest corporations in the world (like Putnam Financial, Lynx Golf, Mark Linton Real Estate and more), we have helped some of the smallest businesses dramatically increase their brand image. It’s so simple! Follow the numbered links to begin the process. You can download our free phone greeting sheet to give you phone system outlines, detailed script examples, and tips on how to write a professional voice mail greeting script.

What we do

We provide professional voice artists to record your custom phone messages. Our services include recording main greeting and voicemail boxes, auto attendents, on-hold messaging or marketing messages. You write the script (or let us help write your script) and send it to us for a quote, we’ll give you a quote and in most cases have your custom phone message recorded in 48 hours. We can also narrate your presentations, voice your radio or television advertising, provide audio for your website, or give you a professional phone greeting to help you increase your sales and improve your company image.

Some frequently asked questions

1. Q – What is the cost for a professional phone greeting?
Answer A – In general, we quote phone greetings at $50 per script page (see Scripts for more Details)

Answer B – For a sales call script you can send in a copy of the script and we will give you a quote.

2. Q – How does the recorded greeting get on to our system?
Answer – We will send the file in an .mp3, .WAV, or .AIFF format via email, and you can forward it to your contact at your specific phone systems provider. If no file preference is selected, we will send a .mp3. Or we can install it directly into your system for you for a nominal fee. Please see our Quotes Page for details.

3. Q – Can I choose who will do my recording?
Answer – Yes you can go to the talent section to hear samples of each of our professional talents.

4. Q – Does it matter what type of phone system I am using?
Answer – No most phone systems will be able to upload an .mp3, if we need to we can record it directly on your phones. If you are not sure what format the recording should be in check, with your phone system provider.

5. Q – What forms of payment do you accept?
Answer – We accept all forms of credit cards: i.e. Master card, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

6. Q – When do we pay and how?
Answer – After you receive a quote, we can take your information over the phone or you can use our on-line payment page at

7. Q – What if the pronunciation is wrong after it has been recorded?
Answer – When you send over the script for a quote we ask that you phonetically spell out any uncommon words and names. If you do that and it is still recorded incorrectly, we will re-record with no charge.

8. Q – Can I see an example of a script?
Answer – Absolutely, please get started by clicking here, where you will find the “spec” and a free sample script to help you out.

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