Marketing Tips

1. Q - What is the cost for a professional phone greeting?
A - In general, we quote phone greetings at $50 per one page script (double spaced, 12 size times new roman font, with 1 ½ inch side margins and 1 inch top and bottom margins).
B - For a sales call script you can send in a copy of the script and we will give you a quote.

2. Q - How does the recorded greeting get on to our system?
A – We will send the file in an .mp3, .WAV, or .AIFF format via email, and you can forward it to your contact at your specific phone systems provider. If no file preference is selected, we will send a .mp3.

3. Q - Can I choose who will do my recording?
A – Yes you can go to the talent section to hear samples of each of our professional talents.

4. Q - Can I hear the script before it goes on our system?
A - Yes, we can email you a sample in an .mp3 format.

5. Q - What format will the recording be in or need to be in?
A - The standard format used is .mp3, we will first send it in an mp3 but if you need it in another format (.wav or .aiff) we are happy to convert it for you and re-send it to you (charges may apply).

6. Q - Does it matter what type of phone system I am using?
A - No most phone systems will be able to upload an .mp3, if we need to we can record it directly on your phones. If you are not sure what format the recording should be in check, with your phone system provider.

7. Q - How long does it take to get phone greeting recorded and on my system?
A - There is a 48 hour turn around (not including weekends).

8. Q - What forms of payment do you accept?
A - We accept all forms of credit cards: i.e. Master card, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

9. Q - When do we pay and how?
A - After you receive a quote, we can take your information over the phone at 888-586-5612 X 500.

10. Q - What if the pronunciation is wrong after it has been recorded?
A - When you send over the script for a quote we ask that you phonetically spell out any uncommon words and names. If you do that and it is still recorded incorrectly, we will re-record with no charge.


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